Balanced Refugee Reform Act Gets Canadian Immigration Minister’s Nod!

It seems that the Balanced Refugee Reform Act in Canada will soon become a law, as the country immigration minister has recently acknowledged the bill, which is commonly known as the Bill C-11, approved by the House of Commons. As per this act, people who have failed to obtain their refugee status in Canada would be able to appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division, a new division which the government is planning to establish at the independence Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. The failed refuge seekers can be from any country. No matter where they come from, they would be able to claim the division further, if it becomes a law.

The immigration minister, Jason Kenney said that the new bill is likely to solve the problems that the country’s current asylum system is facing at this point of time. Before giving his nod to the bill, different parties in the House of Commons have supported it. The minister is very happy see the government taking such a decision to design a legislation which would make the country’s asylum system more effective.

Under the legislation, the claims of the failed refugees for designated countries would be acknowledged much faster. Moreover, it is also likely to help the immigration department fast tracking the fraudulent cases, thereby removing the false asylum seekers from the country. In order words, the legislation will not facilitate people to misuse the Canadian refugee system in order to get rid of the immigration formalities. It is believed that the Balanced Refugee Reform Act will ensure quicker protection for genuine refuge seekers, as well as faster removal of fake refuge seekers from Canada.

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