Bowen’s Secret Tour to New Detention Centre Leads to Protests!

Negative publicity always has its share of impact. The recent of such events has been with the officials from the Australian immigration. After receiving negative publicity for the way they catered to the asylum seekers, they are trying to seek support.

Apparently, Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia had made a secret visit to the new detention centre at Inverbrackie. After this tour, a press conference was held which was done in order to annul protests from the local residents who would definitely be angry.

This is because the local residents of Inverbrackie did not take the decision of building a new detention centre very nicely. Protests came about from the time the announcement was made about two weeks back.

On the other hand, the Minister has defended his visit claiming that this tour was never supposed to an event for the media. As per him, each of his tour to such centers is not intended to be a media event. He goes on a mission for finding facts for himself.

When it comes to these asylum seekers, there has been rising concern for these asylum seekers who have claimed to not being treated properly. There have been issues pertaining to the mental health of these detainees considering the conditions under which they have been kept.

The recent data on immigration in Australia has revealed alarming facts with more detainees falling back on self harm. As per the data, when it comes to self harm, about 53 cases took place in the last four months. When compared to last year, this is an alarming increase. Last year, only 39 such incidents took place.

According to a report from the Australian Human Rights Commission, there is no psychiatrist at the detention centre located on the Christmas Island. This clearly projects the current plight of the people in these centers which is leading to incidents of self harm. Above all, apart from building a detention centre, more needs to be done so as to ensure that these asylum seekers are living in appropriate conditions.

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