Brady says ‘We Must Open Doors for Immigrants’

Bill Brady , Illinois state Senator and Republican candidate for governor spoke to the press about various issues including one of the most controversial issues ‘immigration’  in an event. Supporting the immigration of foreign national into the nation, he expressed his opinion on the same in a liberal tone. The event was organized and supported by the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

He addressed the issue of immigration through a larger perspective and then expressed his ideas and opinions about the same. Brady said that the birthrate of the country is such that it will be difficult for us to grow as a nation. United States enjoys the position as one of the most powerful developed nation of the world and to hold that position, we need people to contribute towards its economy. There is a need for reformation in the immigration policies of the country which would help in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants entering the nation. Instead of checking the entry of foreign nationals into the nation, we must open doors for them to let them enter only in a legal way. Through this way, US will witness the higher growth rate of it as a nation which can be up to four percent or more.

Brady’s comments received lot of appreciation from the audience but were also criticized by some reporters as well. After the event, Brady’s opponent, Governor Pat Quinn spoke against him and criticized him for his ideas. But it is very strange that during the event, in her six minute long speech, she didn’t touch upon the issue of immigration at all.

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