Canada’s Immigrant Sponsorship Debt Ruling!

According to a new ruling introduced by the Ontario Court of Appeal states that the Immigrant Sponsors do not have to pay back immediately, in spite of having signed a contract or a Sponsorship Agreement. Instead, the Province would now continue with the debt collection in the same way as it does for its other government debt cases. The same measure of fairness would also be applied here. This implies that the entire case has to be put into the picture which includes the plight of the immigrant sponsors and judged accordingly. Thus, each case would be considered independent of the other.

However, this does not mean that the Immigrant Sponsors are completely free from the debt. The government would still look into it that all the debts are being paid despite the leverage given to the sponsors. These debts are the ones which have been taken as a loan from the government by the Sponsor’s relatives. Therefore, certain form of discretion would be implemented.

This ruling would also take into account scams such as immigration frauds where in the spouses leave their matrimonial homes within days after landing. This way, sponsoring which is a shortcut for many such immigrants could be curbed. In such cases, a fair judgment is highly essential since genuine immigrant sponsors might be taken in for a ride by such frauds and unethical people.

All in all, Canada does welcome all the immigrants who have chosen its land to live and grow upon. However, this does not mean that a scape goat mechanism is permitted to get a better life. Hard work is respected and only those would be allowed to enter who intend to contribute to the economy of Canada.

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