Canada’s innovation is Boosted, courtesy Immigrants!

According to a recent study by Conference Board of Canada, it has been confirmed that new immigrants bring new innovation to the country. Take one example. Guang Jun Liu came to Canada in the year 1990. He came from China with a master’s degree in the field of robotic control.

Today, after twenty years, he is working with pioneer names like Canadian Space Agency, to name a few. In addition to that, he is the Ryerson University professor. The study states that Guang is an example of how new people coming from all over the world immigrating to Canada can enhance Canada’s stature when it comes to innovation.

The report says that productivity and innovation are two facets which play a critical role in the economic development of any nation. At every analysis, it has been confirmed that immigrants boost up the innovation of nation, hence benefiting Canada at every possible step.
The report also pointed out certain statistics which showed that immigrants play a critical role in boosting Canadian economy till now. Here are some of the figures:

  • As far as Canada Research Chairs are concerned, a total of 35 per cent of them are overseas applicants.
  • Immigrants living in Canada go on to get good and ace literary and performing arts awards

Despite all the benefits that these overseas people bring in with them, it has been stated that they face some hassles while entering the entry and establishing their base. Guang affirmed that when he first came to this country, he faced tough time. He faced some problem regarding the language option here.

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