Canada’s Newly Proposed Bill C-37!

Of late, the Canadian immigration Minister, Jason Kenney has introduced a new legislation, which is commonly be called as Bill C-37. If passed, the Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship Act would make quite a difference in the areas of eliminating unscrupulous consultants providing citizenship-related services; streamlining the citizenship revocation process; as well as protecting the value of Canadian citizenship.

Here are a few highlights of the new legislation:

  • The act proposes tougher regulations for citizenship consultants across Canada. It also allows the authority to take action when there are instances of fraudulence in terms immigration consultancy.
  • It proposes higher punishment for the citizenship deceitful activities. The act asks penalties for immoral consultancy up to 100,000 dollars or a jail sentence of five years.
  • It proposes people who intend to apply for Canadian citizenship to be present physically in the country for 3 years of the preceding 4 years as one of the prerequisites of obtaining citizenship residence in Canada.
  • It proposes measures to restrict criminals from obtaining Canadian citizens.
  • It proposes a shift of power from the political figures to the country’s Federal Court when it comes to removals and revocations.
  • The legislation proposes exceptions to the rule of first generation limit of obtaining Canadian citizenship. It also asks the law not to make eligible applicants deprived of citizenship, as well as to make sure that children of Canadian citizens working for Canada outside the country are passed with citizenship.

While announcing the Strengthening the Value of Canadian citizenship Act, Jason Kenney said that the country’s citizenship boast a great value, which is appreciated across the globe and with the new legislation, the country is trying to take measures in retaining the same! Besides, the measures would also help weed out the deceitful activities, such as in citizenship consultancy.

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