Canada In – Tune to Prioritize Procedure for Haitian Immigrants

In an effort to help the earthquake stuck Haiti, the Canadian government has decided to come up with a plan that would ensure priority processing for the immigrants from Haiti. For this purpose, the rules for the refugees are thought of being revised so that the Haitian refugees could be permitted to live in Canada.

To begin with the relief operation, three military air planes carrying those evacuated from Haiti have already been brought to Montreal. These consisted of two hundred and seventy two people. The evacuees have been selected by the Canadian Embassy staff in Haiti for transport.

On the other hand, according to reports, four Canadians have also died in the massive earthquake with thirteen others injured and others consisting of almost five hundred and fifty people have been found. However, around one thousand four hundred and fifteen Canadians are still missing. A total of around six thousand Canadians were living in Haiti but only seven hundred people were registered with the Port-au-Prince embassy.

The Canadian government is also expected to consider policies that would allow Haitians who have Canadian relatives to come and live in Canada. However, deciding on whom to permit would be a major task.

Additionally, immediate amends include free passage of Haitians including those who are not traveling via commercial flights. With this, the government has permitted transports for aid purposes to stop in Canada for refueling purposes without the passengers to have a temporary visa for residency. The first two planes to have stopped by include that of a Russian and Chinese transport that were permitted to land based on the above grounds.

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