Canadian Birth-Rate – A Matter of Concern!

The statistics are trumpeting it loud that Canadian (low) Birth Rate is causing a matter of concern for the country as well as its economy in a major way. Pundits are saying that the population growth is slowing down in Canada, which may act as a hurdle in the overall stability of the country’s population, especially in the absence of immigrants.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s birthrate rose 3.7 percent to 367,864 babies in the year 2007, but the increase is still not enough to fight the raising problem of birth-rate that is prevailing in Canada at present!

Analysts feel that the slow birth rate might create a catastrophe in future as nations with high population might become more powerful or the ones with low population may face several unwanted situations that may hamper their sustainability to a major extent.

Veterans further suggest that it is vital that the Canadian birth rate should increase atleast by a margin of 50 percent to balance the situation and fulfill the need of the required workforce.

The low population and birth rate might create certain challenges for the country but it surely is positive news for all the applicants who are planning to immigrate to Canada. The country is attired with an ocean full of job opportunities for the immigrants to craft their future there. Just hire an Immigration Specialist and turn your dreams into reality.

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