Canadians – Always Positive Towards Immigration!

Canadians have always welcomed immigrants with arms wide open! According to a recent poll, less people in Canada as compared to Brits and Americans feel that immigration is having a negative impact on their overall economy.

The poll was conducted by Angus Reid Strategies in Canada. This is again, very good news for those applicants who are looking to work, study or permanently settle down in Canada.

As far as the statistics are concerned, 41 percent of Canadians feel that immigration is having a negative impact on their country as compared to 66 percent and 72 percent in the US and the UK respectively.

It is true that illegal immigration leaves a bad impact on both the country’s economy as well as its people, but there is no harm in legal migration. Every one has the right to immigrate to their desired country and avail the better opportunities provided by an altogether another world. If another country is offering better opportunities, cost-of-living and good future prospects, then why not migrate!

Further, the stats say that 60 percent people believe that the level of legal immigration should be reduced as compared to 40 percent each in the USA and Canada. At the end of the day, people should go with what their instincts have to say. Just hire the services of an Immigration expert and head on towards a better future!

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