Changes in US Immigration-Detention System Coming Soon!

Time is coming near when the Obama’s administration is soon going to announce changes in the US Immigration Detention System. Speculations point out in the direction that the administration will route towards the private sector. Again, these are just cogitations as we have to wait and watch for the final word from the officials which are expected to come out any moment.

Pundits are saying that the changes may be the result of the criticism faced by the system over certain issues for which Ms Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, is expected to announce the changes very soon. News is coming that she might announce plans to come out with a classification system for detainees. The main motto behind this would be to classify between criminal and non-criminal detainees and make the system less dependent on the usage of prison-like facilities.

Other expected announcements are linked with centralizing and enhancing the oversight of the overall network and facilities. It is a world known fact that efforts made by George W Bush administration in the same direction collapsed in the year 2007. Now we have to wait for the end result of Obama’s effort!

These Immigration news would keep on coming and going with the passage of time. They should not affect your decision to choose any prospective country as your desired destination to migrate. If you are one of those who are planning to immigrate to the USA (or any other country), it would be an intelligent step to take guidance from an Immigration and Visa expert today.

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