City Adult Learning Centre’s CanEx co-op Program!

Somewhere in Canada, a City Adult Learning Centre’s CanEx co-op Program is going on, a program which allows a group of highly educated people including scientists and engineers to gain an altogether workplace experience while studying side by side. The program helps new immigrants learn various facets of a working environment.

Various immigrants have taken part in this program till now. Mirjana Devic-Antic says that the program has played a great role in helping her gain work experience. She was struggling hard to get work before she attended this program. After taking part in it, she got wonderful opportunities and now has been working at the post of facilities designer for the Ministry of Government Services.

Adult high schools play a critical role in shaping the careers of people, especially the drop outs and those who faced difficulties in commencing their education at earlier times of their lives.

Adult learning program has so many aspects in store for them. The experienced lot does not need much faculty members and facilities as they have the mindset to learn every facet very quickly, within the limited facilities. Still, City Adult Learning Centre is a great way to acquaint the immigrants with the working environment of Canada before they could go for the real life experience.

It runs for 18 weeks and the period provides ample exposure to the attendants who find it really easy to get quality work after going through the experience.

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