Climate – Related Migration in Australia

While Australia gears up for its national elections, the issue of the boat migrants is again on the forefront. Tony Abbott, the Conservative Liberal Party Leader ordered to put a stop on these boats. His party which is in the opposition as of now has assured to put forth the controversial laws which led to removing all the refugees. As of now, the Labor government has put a stop on the visa processing and applications to the Tamil and Afghan asylum seekers.

At the same time, it is also being said that the politicians in Australia tend to bring out the issue of immigration every time they seem to be losing out on polls. Restrictive policies which Abbott is trying to evade were the ones which aided the Howard administration in 2001. The question that arises here is what would happen when all the hype over immigration mellows down? But then such issues never die and more so, politicians would never permit to let it loose. It clearly shows political interest and nothing more than that.

The only answer to this is action that is concrete in nature instead of merely restricting the policies. With this, none of the politicians nor the main political parties in Australia have made any commitment to aid these climate refugees. On the contrary, the neighboring country of New Zealand is committed towards this action.

In the coming years, the issue of climate related migrant would be a major debate for both the developed and the developing nations. The example of Australia should be given a deep insight for the rest of the world to address it before it gets too late.

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