Connection with Mafia – Man Ruled Out of Canada!

An Italian man has been told to move out of Canada, courtesy his connections with Mafia! The next part of this news is that his mother, too, holds an integral connection with the Mafia too! Can we call them a Mafia Clan!

Antonio Coluccion, 40, has been ordered an ineligibility status for his PR after government confirmed his connections with “Ndrangheta,” a Mafia of Calabria. As a result, the Canadian embassy sent him a letter last year, affirming the connection of his family members with the Mafia group and charging them of Mafia related criminal activities!

It was in December 2009 when Mr. Coluccion was acquainted with his ineligibility towards his PR status in Canada. It’s been a while since he has been unavailable for any comments, so was his Immigration lawyer, confirmed reports.

Earlier, his lawyer was seen commenting that his client holds no involvement in Mafia related crimes. He is totally innocent.

According to Pierre de Champlain, who is the former analyst for RCMP, the women has been linked with mob, but it has not been confirmed whether she is the formal member of the Mafia or not. Till now, no evidences have been gathered against her, but this does not separate her from her involvement in the criminal activities.

The family history says that when Mr. Coluccio and his two brothers were at their tender ages, their Mafioso father was killed during Mafia activities in Italy. The trio came to Canada in the year 2005 and since then, served a major source of news in the Mafia arena!

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