Damage Control – Victoria Premier’s Visit to India!

Victoria Premier John Brumby during his current visit to India stated that he regrets the recent racial attacks, as they are completely unacceptable to him, the state and to the Australian government!

According to him, Melbourne is a safe place to study and work and these kinds of racially-based attacks are disagreeable to the Aussies in every sense. Above all, Australian government is committed to offer all sorts of security and best education to the international students.

Brumby elaborated that Australian government would provide more powers to its police in order to ensure a clear reciprocation of the message all over the community.

Bumby, during his visit, waived off his plans to visit Mumbai considering a terrorist warning for the area. His motto was to promote Victoria as a potential place to study, especially after the recent attacks on the Indian students.

Also, Australia’s new envoy Peter Varghese stated that the recent attacks have hampered the image of brand Oz in a major way. With so many endeavors from the Australian’s side, students should not hesitate to make Australia as their favorable destination to study. To go for a hassle free process, just take guidance from an Immigration and Visa expert and make your future.

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