Debate on “Big Australia”!

A quote from the newspaper ‘The Australian’ states that two main government advisers have come out with a debate that the issue of “Big Australia” has landed into a dangerous territory.

Peter McDonald, who is the head of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, stated that the present political issue which links increased immigration rates with that of high house prices as well as bottlenecking in the big cities would lead to a risky Hansonism. He said that as we all witnessed what happened in the Hansin era. No one wants to bring out the worst from the Aussie people again.

The current Australian PM Julia Gillard has already shown her disbelieve in the debate of “Big Australia,” but contrary to her thinking, experts are believing that more number of immigrants is what the country needs at this moment. Also, the skilled professionals are urgently needed to meet the labor market demands of the nation.

Another industry expert, Infrastructure Australia head Rod Eddington said that he is in favor of a “robust immigration program”. He also spoke in regard that the country always needs good people who can be sensibly accumulated in the nation.

Business leaders feel that immigrants are crucial in the economic growth of the country. They believe that migration is one of the reasons as to why Australia has gained success in the past. Therefore, immigration should not be given a blind eye at all.

Hence, it clearly states the opposition faced by the current Prime Minister in terms of “Big Australia” policy!

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