DIAC’s 65 yrs of Celebrations!

The Oz Immigration and Citizenship Department is many decades old now. The department celebrates its 65 years of building its immigration program, which is one of the nation’s most prominent aspects that has helped the nation to reach the position where it is today. The nation’s immigration policy is known all around the world which has assisted the nation to build such a culturally diverse community.

Following the World War II, Australia got its sixteenth Prime Minster, Ben Chifley who later established the immigration department on July 13th, 1945. It was initially established as Department of Immigration (DI). After going through many times of name changes, the department got its name, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in the year 2007. Under the leadership of Ben Chifley, the nation got its first ever immigration minister, Arthur Calwell.

Arthur Calwell was very ambitious about nation building, and keeping that in mind he began to plan migration program in an intention to make the nation attract overseas skilled workers. Since then, the nation’s migration program has been attracting seven million overseas people from across the globe. The United Kingdom and Ireland have, however, always been the major sources of immigrants for Australia. Today, DIAC has over eight thousand employees working for it in every Australian state, and it has it operations in sixty nations around the world.

And over the decades, overseas migrants have contributed to Australia’s economy and helped it achieve the reputation of one of the world’s most culturally diverse and welcoming nations. On DIAC’s 65th establishment year, the department promises that it will continue to welcome the skills it requires, thereby helping the nation sustain its stability!

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