Farmers’ Suggestion to US Government!

While reforms to the United States’ immigration law is anticipated, the farmer community in the nation is asking for the government to pass a bill that could allow overseas workers who have engaged themselves in the US agriculture for a minimum of one-fifty days in a period of more than one year to get legal status in the nation.

The farmers have also asked the government to include higher immigrant allowance in the bill. According to them, there should also be an easier visa program, which would facilitate temporary workers to immigrate to the US and work there. In the US, the farmer community has always been asking the government to higher immigrant allowance, by emphasizing that without migrant workers the country’s agricultural production would get hampered, owing to shortage of labor.

In the United States, we can see many foreign nationals (agricultural workers) have been engaged in hand picking fruits and vegetables and animal husbandry in many farms. Most of foreign agricultural workers are employed to do stuff that Americans do not want to do. And mostly, these workers are appointed on seasonal basis. According to estimates, more than half of the crop workers hired in the US between 2005 and 2007 were illegal workers and most of them were from Mexico.

If the farmers’ suggestion is accepted by the government, it will definitely help the country in its production, as well as it might reduce the entrance of illegal workers in the United States.

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