Foreign-Trained Doctors – The population is decreasing in Canada!

A recent study shows that there has been a drop of 11 percent in foreign-trained doctors working in Canada, compared to the last thirty five years.

The study conducted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information showed a huge deviation in the countries of their educational origin. While the era of 1970s showed Ireland and the USA as the major providers for foreign-trained doctors, year 2007 marked a complete alteration in the trend and applauded India, the UK and South Africa as the recent providers for the foreign trained doctors.

In addition, various factors and speculations are making their way into air as to what might be the reasons for this decrease. Some of them are re-licensing procedure for foreign trained doctors, aging among the British and Irish trained doctors who started practicing earlier, increased challenges in foreign credential recognition, to name a few.

The report also stated that these internationally trained physicians are more likely to practice in rural areas rather than urban ones, particularly in B.C.

Canada has always been in favor of Immigration. But at the same time, the country should NOT be actively recruiting, nor should it passively recruit, stated Ian Bowmer, executive director of the Medical Council of Canada.

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