Geneticists in the “most wanted” list of Canada!

The moment we are born our fate is already decided. The mastermind is our genes. A geneticist works closely with micro-organisms, plants, animals and humans to understand heredity or the genetic make-up. Geneticist can also work with physicians to counsel clients.

A geneticist will find his affinity to various fields like:

Cytogenetics : Where the chromosomal study and analysis is done

Molecular genetics : Where a geneticist characterizes, modifies and utilizes genes for commercial reasons or inquiry

Population genetics : Where a geneticist will do study on a group or population

Other fields gaining popularity include:


Cancer genetics


Ecological genetics etc

Geneticists have a great chance to strike goal in Canada

Canada has been on the forefront of latest inventions, science and technology. Professionals with key skills in genetics field are greatly desired by employers.
Genetics is under the priority list of occupations. With speedy visa processing you will land and get going in Canada before you realize.
So why not?

Your employment prospects

  • As a geneticist, you have a lot of career options:
  • To work in key science subjects
  • To work as a sales and marketing professional for science products
  • Genetic counseling
  • Lab work
  • Forensic’
  • Parent determination
  • Patents
  • Teaching
  • Genetic writer

You could work for federal government or private organizations. Totally your call!

Canada highly prizes geneticists
As a geneticist, you can earn from CDN$55,000 to up to CDN$70,000 annually. Isn’t that great?

Geneticist has to be well qualified
As a geneticist, you must have a bachelor’s degree with genetics as a subject or specialization. If you intend to take up counseling you may require specific master’s degree in human genetics. Doctorate/post doctoral study will increase your credibility.
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