Georgia Republican Senators Say ‘No’ to Illegal Students!

According to many Republican senators in Georgia are not in favor of allowing illegal students in the colleges and other educational institutions. They say unlawful immigrants should not be permitted in the state’s public colleges and universities. They are in complete disagreement of allowing such international students to attend public colleges and universities in state of Georgia.

The stance has been supported by as many as fourteen Republican senators of Georgia. They have put forward their views in written in front of the state’s Board of Regents. The issue regarding the illegal international students was fuelled by a recent instance where a Kennesaw State University student was found to be living in the United States unlawfully. The student was paying in-state tuition as well. Following this instance, all universities in Georgia were instructed to go through proper verification of all students’ citizenship status. The deadline for the status check is coming fall.

Along with the Republican senators, many of the gubernatorial candidates also supported the stance of prohibiting illegal students from studying in public educational institutions of Georgia. The Republicans’ letter to the Board of Regents stated that the students who have been paying out-of-state tuition, the cost does not constitute the complete cost of their education at a public institute.

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