Gujrat’s Entry now Plugged in With National Ones!

Coming October, no citizen of India will be able to getaway the inspection of the immigration as it will soon be associated with the new software which the bureau of immigration, Government of India has initiated.

Seven entry points out of 47 of them are in Gujrat which will be linked to the central server in order to keep a track of all the travelers as well as the criminals.

The home department of Gujrat is all set to get connected with the 7 entry points on both land and sea levels which in turn will be linked to the central sever which will give a view of all the 47 immigration centers in the country.

National Informatics Centre has prepared this software which in turn is also connected with rest of the 47 immigration centers in the country. Many of the sources have also revealed that this software will be installed soon in all the immigration centers.

At present, it takes few hours or even days to reflect the notices at all the immigration centers but the department is still working on this project in order to remain in touch with the server.

At the moment, the passport number and photo are being forwarded to all the immigration centers in case of any criminal who wants to leave the country just after committing a crime.

Furthermore, once all the immigration centers are inter-connected, all the passport details of the accused will be displayed throughout the country. The software will also keep an eye on the people who enter inside the country and never go back.

Now, the officials working at the immigration department will get to know if any of the foreigners particularly from Bangladesh and Pakistan come over to India and never go back.

TS Bisht, the Secretary of Home Department assured that project will soon be implemented by October.

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