Haitian-Canadians Disappointed with Canadian Immigration’s Family Reunification Process!

Well, post Haiti earthquake the Canadian government has announced (http://blog.abhinav.com/canada%E2%80%99s-special-immigration-measures-for-haitians/) many steps towards helping the Haitians in Canada reunite their families who had been affected by the widespread disaster. Amongst the steps, the government was to fast track the about 5,000 sponsorship applications of those who were significantly harmed by the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake!

But, of late reports say that Haitian-Canadian communities in Ottawa are disappointed by the time-consuming procedure, thereby obstructing them from bringing relatives from Haiti. Prior to the earthquake, Canada had this rule that anyone who wanted to reunite with family in Canada was required to apply from outside the country. This rule has been waived off for Haitians, thereby allowing them to enter Canada on temporary visas, while their application for permanent residency is still in process.

Reportedly, to this point of time 1,600 temporary residency permits have been issued to Haitians ever since the devastating earthquake hit the nation. Besides, 205 permanent residency visas have been issued till now. However, the process is too slow and there are lots of cases that are unresolved.

But, the process of fast tracking applications is not an easy task either. Since the Canadian embassy in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince was destroyed during the earthquake; the processing of documents and applications is affected. However, immigration officials are trying their best to accomplish their job with their new unit in Ottawa. But, the Haitian-Canadian community’s fury over the Canadian immigration’s relaxed process is growing day by day, as their frustration level is rising because of not getting reunited with family members. However, it’s never too late. They are hoping that the Canadian government would be more flexible and make the family reunification quicker!

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