Handy Culture Information on Quebec You Can’t Do Without!

The Canadian province of Quebec boasts of a thriving culture which plays a decisive role in wooing travelers from all over Canada and world. Guests to the amazingly beautiful region of Quebec are greeted with a kaleidoscope of fine arts, sumptuous food, and rich & varied cultural events not seen elsewhere.

Thanks to migration to it from across the globe, a multicultural society has been born and suitably nurtured in Quebec, and the region proudly showcases wonderful traits from the numerous cultural groups which have found home in this amazingly remarkable province.

The province’s political and administrative capital, Quebec City, has some astounding historic sites which are superbly well-preserved. The ancient city of Quebec has got due recognition even from none other than UNESCO which has made it a World Heritage Site. Most of the residents of the Quebec City are fluent in the French language.

Montreal, the largest city of Quebec, is famous across the globe for its only-one-of-its-kind multicultural atmosphere. Home to significant communities of both English and French speaking people, Montreal, in fact, is a bilingual city. Aptly called a ‘City of Festivals’, Montreal hosts many events annually, drawing thousands of culture-loving travelers from across the globe.

The residents of Montreal express their unmatched love and fascination for the sun by having lots of outdoor activity during the summers, with concerts, street carnivals and numerous other interesting activities, maybe because winters in Montreal are pretty cold. Much interestingly, and according to a recent study, Montreal and Toronto, occupy key spots in the list of 20 costliest cities of the globe. While Toronto came at the 9th spot, Montreal occupied the 17th position in the list.

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