How to Take Preventive Measures against Immigration Fraudulent

Are you aspiring to migrate to Canada? Do you find it difficult to choose genuine Canada Immigration Consultants? We will highlight all the guidelines pertaining to how to choose an authentic authorized representative and how to take preventive measures from Immigration fraud.

As you all are already aware that, Canada had proposed a new regulatory body to regulate the immigration consultants in the 2019. The body is coined as College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants which primarily functions to identify and regulate the malpractices and fraudulency by the Immigration consultants. Since the proposal, many Immigration consultants / companies have come under the radar and are facing accusations of exploiting the foreign workers and students.

How immigration consultants conduct malpractices/fraudulent for Canada Immigration?

There are many fraudulent cases that has come to the light upon the investigation of the regulatory body and strict actions will be implemented upon the offenders. Below are some of the examples:
• Around 90% of the so-called immigration consultants happen to mislead and cheat the client by falsely committing of providing the Canada immigration authorized representative services, but in reality it doesn’t.
• Some of the renowned names in the Immigration industry are in fact, quick to state that they have the Official RCIC Agent but at the same time they only provide documentation services excluding representative services.
• Some of them provide services of RCIC agent to their clients of their own countries outside India, but never bother to provide the same services the Indian clients which is an another example of Immigration scam.


How to choose an authentic Registered Immigration Consultant?

ICCRC is the designated regulatory body that is responsible for administer and regulate the immigration consultants to prevent them from malpractice. Canada Immigration Consultants who provide the immigration services or representation, must be member in good standing of ICCRC. And, if an applicant aspires to take the services of an Immigration Consultant, then such representative must suffice one of the Criteria mentioned in the below link.

How to take preventive measures against Immigration Fraud?

Nowadays, Canadian Govt. shows an active participation in driving the regulations and initiatives to prevent Immigration fraudulency. College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants is the prime example of Government’s raging war against immigration misconducts. There are many ways to undertake preventative measures against the fraudulent practices but one should check the below link to comprehend the tips to take preventive measures:

According to the aforementioned link, one should take below points into consideration while taking the services of a Canada immigration authorized representative:
1. Agreement must carry the name and number of the RCIC agent
2. Agreement must be between the client and the Licensed Immigration agent (not with the company)
3. Form 5476 must be signed with the claimed RCIC agent

How Abhinav can provide Authentic RCIC Agent Services?

Abhinav ( / is proud to inform that the organization meet all these critical requirements laid by the ICCRC. For the last 25 years, Abhinav strictly follow three mottos Trust, Credibility and Experience for providing quality Immigration services for every aspirant. Abhinav has an active affiliation with the Authorized RCIC Agent Mr. Harit Kapahi RCIC (R533671) who comply with all the requirements and guidelines of ICCRC. Along with this, the company is blessed with more than 300 immigration specialists and Documentation experts delivering excellence in all the pathways of Canada Immigration.

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