How to Extend Visitor’s (Entry) Permit in Canada?

Canada is a place that charms almost everyone who visits the country. Probably that is why visitors often end up extending their Visitor’s Permit during their stay in Canada. First thing that all the applicants must keep in mind is that it is mandatory to take any action before the permit expires!

Apply for the extension as soon as possible, if you have made your mind to extend your stay in Canada. It is essential that the applicant is still eligible for the work permit and meet all the requirements needed for an Entry Permit, regardless of whether he or she has met the initial eligibility earlier or not.

In addition, you are required to address some of the issues like:

  • What is the intend of the applicant that he or she wants to apply for an extension for a Entry Permit in Canada. The reason should be legitimate enough to grant you an extension.
  • Has the original purpose to visit Canada has been fulfilled? If not, then you may be asked as to how much time you will need to fulfill the task.
  • The applicant must be able to satisfy CIC for all the asked questions and requirements.

Ask your Immigration expert about your eligibility for the extension before applying for the same.

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