Immigration – A Boon in America!

Documented by the Fiscal Policy Institute, Immigration has played a critical role in enhancing the American economy till now. Using the data from the Census Bureau, the report elaborates a bird-eye view of 25 cities and elaborates that immigrants play a vital role for the economic activities going on in these major cities.

Immigration helps in boosting the labor pool, raise an entrepreneurial spirit and help in creating various job opportunities all over. For instance, in New York, Immigrants collaborate to form almost 28% of the total population living there. In addition, they make up for 28% of the activities related to economic growth going on in the New York. Similarly, the numbers are 35% and 34% for the number of immigrants and economic growth respectively.

Therefore, Immigration not only helps the people who are migrating to a prospective country but is also a boon for the country to which they are migrating to. The report says that the immigrants are spread in almost every field, be it medical, engineering, teaching, servicing, cleaning, cops, firefighters and blue-collar workers, to name a few.

It is not just about America. Immigration serves as a great means of success for everyone who is associated with its facets! Just hire an Immigration and Visa advisor and see the difference in your life.

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