Immigration Forms – Canada!

Schedule 3 is the form which is filled by applicants while applying for Federal Skilled Worker Visa. In addition to this form, the applicant needs to fill other forms including Schedule 4 and Schedule 5. But the later ones are applicable for provincial nominees and Quebec skilled workers. So those applying for Federal Visa are advised to file Schedule 3. Here are some of the facets which you need to remember while filling and filing the application form:

It is mandatory to fill all the columns of the form. Incomplete forms would be rejected straight away or there are chances where an applicant may face long delays. Therefore, filing the form in accordance with the Canadian Government is the right key. Here are some of the tips which may help you in filing the form.

  • First of all, mention the name in the application form, the same way you spelt it in your passport. Some people tend to abbreviate their name, which is not the right habit.
  • There are certain facets which need to be kept in mind while filing Question no.4. If the applicant has work permit, it is advised to display your notarize copy as well.
  • Talking about the relatives, it is better to answer the question related to your near relatives and avoid the ones like second aunt or uncles.
  • Coming to your proficiency in the English language, it is advised to fill the form based on your test results in the IELTS exam. It would provide you a benefit if the relative is a Canadian PR or holds citizenship.
  • Enter the amount of financial funds which you can show proof of.

For more such information and an elaborate analysis on the same, consult an Immigration expert today.

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