Immigration Office Held Guilty For Immigrant’s Illegal Status!

Making someone overstayed his visa and being categorized as an illegal immigrant is the height of carelessness and irresponsiveness. Such was the situation faced by a Bangladesh worker in Korea, thanks to the delay caused by a provincial immigration office.

On Wednesday, December 16, 2009, Korea’s National Human Rights Commission has asked the immigration office to reinstate the legal status of the Bangladesh worker. The immigration office failed to extend the worker’s visa on time. According to the Commission, the person applied to change his visa type long back, but when he visited the office to confirm the approval he found that his status was already illegal.

The National Human Rights Commission which the person had filed a complaint with found the immigration office guilty of the mishap and thus urging the latter to reinstate the immigrant’s status, without imposing any disadvantage on the person in the future.

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