Immigration Officials at T2 on a “Go-Slow” Strike!

The immigration officials at the Terminal 2 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport are on a “Go-Slow” strike which has made it difficult for the operations here. It started when a flight landed on the evening 16th July only for the passengers to find out that there wasn’t even a single official working in one of the many immigration counters.

One of the passengers said that he walked up to the baggage claiming section with no one asking or bothering to stamp his passport. This person could have easily walked out of the airport with no one to find him. However, flying back would have been a problem for him. Thus, he had to come back to the counters and knock to get a stamp on his passport. This passenger was a senior official with the Indian Government. As per him, the flight was 10 minutes late.

More so, the one official who was sitting ignored the passengers completely. About a dozen of these officials were to be sitting in a cabin talking loudly. By what was seen, it was clear that they didn’t bother regarding the passengers or their duty. It was but obvious that they had no sense of urgency.

If the sources are to be believed, these officials are on a “Go-Slow” since the shift timings of these people have been increased. These officials would now have to work six days a week instead of five. Initially, after a shift of 12 hours, each official was permitted 24 hours of rest time. This has now been brought down to only 12 hours.

At the same time, no strike as such has been declared but these officials are definitely going slowly with their duties and responsibilities. This issue is now being investigated on as it now involves a flight from Colombo as well which is considered as a very sensitive destination.

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