Immigration on UK Government’s Five-year Plan!

The UK’s new Coalition government has announced its five-year plan, whose one of the main focuses is immigration. As far as the new immigration cap on non-EU nationals is concerned, the government appreciates that immigration has played a vital role in enhancing the country’s culture and it helped in strengthened its economy, but the cap is needed to restore the integrity of the immigration system. Besides, the cap, that states the reduction in the number of non-European Union migrants would also help protecting the country’s public services.

Here are a few highlights of the UK government’s five-year plan pertaining to the immigration front:

  • No more child detention regarding immigration issues.
  • Introduction of a more capable Border Police Force to upgrade the national security, along with embellish immigration controls and to keep crimes under control.
  • Assistance to E-borders and re-launching of exit checks.
  • Transitional controls application for every new European Union member state in the future.
  • Considering new measures to ensure that the country’s immigration system cannot be abused. The measures are likely to minimize the cases of misuse of various immigration programs.
  • Introduction of actions to address human smuggling.
  • Examining measures for the betterment of the country’s current refugee system.

From the above, it can be pointed out that immigration has been one of the main priorities of the UK’s new coalition government. The government is planning hard to check each and every details of the immigration policy.

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