Immigration Reform Issues Lacking in GOP Leader’s Pledge to America!

The GOP House leaders were recently criticized by a nonprofit organization for not addressing the issue of immigration reform in their Pledge to America. This is a forty five page document which was brought out by the Republicans in the previous month. Concerns were raised regarding the ignorance of issues pertaining to immigration by the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR).

The pledge had only three divisions for immigration reform which were composed of the following:

  • Laying Down Functional Control of the US Borders
  • Execution of Immigration Law with the help of the state and the local law enforcements
  • Increasing Visa Security

According to FAIR, the above three which were stated in the pledge are very crucial. However, FAIR feels that other important aspects have been not been added in this proposal.

According to Dan Stein, President, FAIR, the main issues in the Pledge to America are job creation and economic growth. At the same time, it also depends on the seriousness of the House Republican leadership. If they are really serious about it, the effect of millions of illegal migrants on the job markets and wages would not be ignored. More so, the need to dry up the job magnet would also have not been ignored in the form of rigorous enforcements.

Illegal migration is an extremely controversial issue which has been knocking the political doors in the United States for quite sometime now. With the recent debate being to change the 14th amendment which permits automatic citizenship to children born in the United States despite their parents being illegal migrants, the debate is rising high.

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