India Favors ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ – A Step towards Illegal Migration!

G Gurucharan, Indian Ministry of Overseas Affairs Joint Secretary, feels that every country must follow a zero tolerance policy towards illegal migration in order to ensure a strict blockage against illegal activities going on in various countries.

The minister stated that there should be strong laws dealing with the facets of illegitimate immigration. It is the responsibility of every country to combat irregular immigration as there should be an inter-country and inter-regional cooperation to deal with illegal immigration, as discussed in the 8th Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM).

The meeting which involved the participation of 30 countries recommended holding awareness drive in those places which are highly prone to illegal migration, for instances Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, to name a few.

G Gurucharan added that it is a global issue, which requires a participation of all the countries in order to provide avenues of legal migration. Indian would be the focal point to get feedbacks from the countries that took part in the conference to fight against illegal immigration.

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