Indian High Commission Denies Lady Nadira’s Allegation!

The allegation made by eminent Indian-origin author, V.S. Naipaul’s wife against an Indian High Commission official has been dismissed by the Commission. The lady had complained about the way she had been treated on her visit to the Commission’s office in London when she went there as she had queries regarding the procedures of applying for the Person of Indian Origin card for her husband.

Reportedly, Lady Nadira, the wife of the famous author visited the authorities of the Indian High Commission in London a few months ago only to collect the information how the author could apply for the PIO card, which will enable him to travel to India without any visa. At the time of her visit the Commission suggested that Naipaul would be required to visit his land of origin that is Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh in India. This is his place where his family hailed from, but V. S. Naipul was born in Trinidad. The purpose behind the suggestion is to get a certificate of origin, which would be provided by the local Tehsildar in Gorakhpur. But, the lady was disappointed with the treatment she and Mr. Naipaul got at the office of the Indian High Commission.

The Indian Mission in London has renounced any such allegation against the concerned official and stated that a couple of months ago Naipaul’s wife had visited the office. She had visited to learn about the procedures to obtain a Person of Indian Origin card, however, no application has been filed yet for same by V. S. Naipaul. Regarding the procedures, the Commission had illustrated everything to his wife, same as it is explained on the Commission’s official website.

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