Kenney Angry over UN’s Report!

United Nations has recently criticized Canada’s treatment of minorities, which has further raised disputes from Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. He went on to say that instead of commenting on Canada’s treatment, UN should rather be concentrating on the facets that violate the rights of minorities all over the globe.

The report is crafted by UN’s expert Gay McDougall, who during his ten day visit to Canada came out with certain facets which he later included in his report. According to the document, Canada allows plenty of diversity, but at the same time, serves violation of rights for the minorities too. The report points out that the country celebrates disproportionate levels of poverty, racial assaults by police and inappropriate behaviour at work place.

Kenney opposed the report saying that that the country always provides ample opportunities for every class, be it minorities, new comers or people from their own community. He defended that the country may not be perfect but they are surely darn good!

He confirmed that every year, tens of thousands of refugees intend to come to the country, but Canada, in itself, is not decked with ample capacity to absorb such high percentage. Even people from minority communities want to immigrate to Canada as they look forward to Canada’s model as something which would protect their rights and conserve their identities.

Canada surely serves as one of the prospective countries to immigrate, be it for skilled workers, students, minorities, and so on.

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