Kevin Rudd Says Attacks are “Regrettable”

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in a recent press conference in Adelaide, spoke on the recent flurry of attacks on Indians in Australia and termed them as “regrettable.”

He further asked the Indian government to keep an outlook on these attacks; a day after Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna warned that failure to come out with any stringent security measure from Australian side may hamper the relations between the two countries.

Rudd stated that these are difficult matters for both the countries and the Australian government is working through them in a “practical and effective” manner. He went on to say that these incidents should be seen in a broader context, for instance, acts of violence against Australian students or students of other ethnic background, etc.

Also, a vast majority of applicants studying in Aussie premises are embraced by the Oz community and one should keep these things into its context before addressing the issue of attacks in Australia, he added.

The comments came immediately after Minister S.M. Krishna spoke on the issue of coming out with rigid security measures for the Indian students living in Australia. But are the words by Kevin Rudd enough to ensure the security of Indian students living in Australia? Despite all this, there has been NO seepage on the continuous racial attacks on the Indians!

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