Let’s Come Together For the Aid of the Haitians!

Nature can really be cruel sometimes! It has no mercy for the poor and this is what it proved on Tuesday, when the unkind earthquake hit the poor Caribbean nation, Haiti. The strongest earthquake in 200 years devastated the nation to an unimaginable extent. The quake at 7.0-magnitude that struck the south of the Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince immediately turned out to be an agony!

The picture of helpless survivors, collapsed buildings, wrecking presidential palace, UN head quarters, churches, schools and ramshackle homes looks like a nightmare. The tiny bodies of small kids lying along the ruins of their schools and the shocked injured people still struggling to have a second life is the pure picture of unsympathetic devastation.

The worst thing is that the authorities are still uncertain about the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake. There are no accurate reports that say how many people have died and injured. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing our fellow dwellers on earth struggling with their lives and crying for help in panic. The Haiti earthquake on Tuesday, rather a catastrophe, is one of those massive quakes in the modern world that has the intensity to make you cry from your heart.

ABHINAV prays for departed souls in this tragedy, as well as for the recovery of those injured. We wish the country and its citizens the very best in coming to terms with the tragedy and work towards reconstructing the country!

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