Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Invites 249 Foreign Nationals to Apply for Nomination

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), under its Expression of Interest (EOI) System, conducts regular draws to invite foreign nationals to apply for provincial nomination, by issuing Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) to eligible candidates under various categories or ‘streams’ of the program. These draws are targeted towards attracting qualified individuals who can boost local economic growth – either by contributing their skills towards fulfilling local labor market requirements, or by establishing or investing in a business to generate employment in the province.

On 17th January 2020, the MPNP conducted an EOI draw, wherein candidates under three streams received LAAs:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba: LAAs were extended to 192 eligible skilled workers who are currently employed in Manitoba, and scored 545 or more points.
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: LAAs were issued to 34 skilled workers living outside Canada, who were directly invited under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative of the Manitoba PNP, and scored 708 or more points.
  • International Education Stream: 23 international students who have graduated from post-secondary academic institutions in Manitoba received LAAs.

A total of 249 LAAs were issued in this draw, of which 22 were extended to candidates who had a valid profile in the federal Express Entry pool, as well as a job seeker validation code. In the previous draw, conducted on 2nd January 2020, 186 LAAs were issued.

Under the MPNP EOI system, eligible aspirants who are interested in permanently living and working in Manitoba are required to submit an online EOI, containing information regarding their credentials and qualifications. Each candidate is allocated points based on several selection factors including age, language proficiency, work experience, education, adaptability and risk assessment.

Profiles in the EOI pool are ranked according to the point score. Highest-ranking candidates who have a connection to Manitoba and can meet the minimum point requirement – which changes with each draw, and varies for different streams – are invited to apply for a provincial nomination. Within 60 days of receiving the LAA, the candidate must submit a complete application and supporting documents to the MPNP. If nominated, the prospective immigrant can apply for a Canada PR Visa to the federal authority – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Check Your Eligibility

The application for permanent residence can be submitted online via the Express Entry System or by following a paper-based process. Accompanying family members can also be included in the application. The IRCC determines the final outcome of the process. If the PR application is approved, the nominee will be formally authorized to reside in Canada, be gainfully employed, access social benefits, and eventually apply for citizenship.

It is important to note that each stream has distinct eligibility criteria, and only the most highly eligible EOI profiles receive LAAs. In 2019, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program received 6,284 applications, of which 4,825 were approved. The first two draws of 2020 indicate that the trend of regular invitation rounds and frequently high approval rates is expected to continue this year as well.

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