Migration – A Mixed Response

A recent report by Migration Policy Institute for the BBC World Service showed a mixed response as far as the number of applicants emigrating abroad is concerned.

Reports point out in the direction that since 2008, various countries have shown a different trend with the number of people emigrating abroad. On one hand, places like Turkey, Spain and Moldova were badly affected with a heavy decrease in the number of immigrants, countries like Australia and Canada showed a positive trend.

Figures show that the total foreign born population has shown a massive increase since the last four decades or so. It was 75 million in the year 1965 and is expected to cross 230 million in the year 2050. And the growth is assumed to show a positive curve.

The report by Migration Policy Institute clearly points out at the better future that is in store for the prospective applicants. Overall, the number of people migrating to different countries is climbing at a good pace.

This trend is valid also. With so many opportunities and a perfect fortune waiting for you at the other, it is viable to move to an altogether new land. When every one is benefiting, why shouldn’t we! Just hire an Immigration expert and see how your future takes an altogether new turn.

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