More immigrants for Canada’s Young Newcomers Internship Program

The Government of Canada conducts an internship program known as the Young Newcomers Internship Program. This program is being extended to permit more immigrants to come and learn in Canada.

According to Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada, this program is the perfect instance of how refugees and new immigrants could be helped by the Government of Canada to integrate with the local Canadian crowds. This would help them leap over certain obstacles which they might face post landing. Work experience in Canada would definitely help them in the right way.

When the scheme was first introduced, the immigration department of Canada enrolled twelve immigrants from various countries such Ethiopia and Afghanistan. All the immigrants were granted an internship for the duration of four months which was then followed by another four months in some cases. The very next year, twenty immigrants were selected from the same program.

This particular program is being expanded to many other departments in the government. This would aid in providing more opportunities for many young immigrants as well as refugees to live and work in Canada. More so, gain experience and expertise and thus, contribute to the economy of Canada.

This amend has been supported by the Minister of Human Resources and Skill Development, Diane Finley. This program is definitely a good way to bring in more immigrants who could be trained according to Canadian standards and bank on the necessary skills that are required by the Canadian economy.

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