More Visitors, Courtesy “Visa on Arrival” Scheme

The new “Visa on Arrival” scheme has brought huge benefits for the Indian tourism industry. At least, that what the statistics are revealing. A close to one thousand and eight hundred overseas visitors came to India since its launch in January 2010. Also, 1,793 visas were issued till March, which is great news in itself.

The scheme holds its application to five countries. They are Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, and Luxembourg and the mentioned visas are provided to the given nations. Also, the step has initiated higher number of tourists from all over the world, hence strengthening India’s claim as one of the most applauded destinations to visit.

Also, amongst the mentioned companies, Singapore was the top most country to have issued maximum visas, taking the count to 642 visas. The second place was grabbed by Finland with 466 visas, with the Kiwi land, Japan and Luxembourg coming at third, fourth and fifth position.

The five countries have been speculated as some of the potential source providers of tourists to India. In addition to that, people from the mentioned countries are not attired with security threats.

According to Tourism Minister Kumari Selja, the visa scheme has sent positive signals for the Indian tourism industry. The measures are expected to bring in loads of stimulus to the Indian tourism industry. Now, the figures for the upcoming months would tell the actual success of this visa scheme program and speculate where will the Indian tourism industry go from now.

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