New Oz Prime minister Opposes ‘Big Australia’ Idea!

Australia’s newly elected Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has opposed the previous PM Kevin Rudd’s idea, who advocated ‘Big Australia’, with a population of thirty-six million by the year 2050. It was not long back, Tony Burke was being designated by Rudd as the Population Minister of Australia in order to develop a strategy to achieve Big Australia target. But, the new head of the nation is not in favor of boasting a big population, and this is why she has expressed her intention to lower the intake of immigrants from across the globe. The honorable minister said that Australia should not aim at getting bigger population through immigration of overseas people, but the nation’s migration program should be skill-oriented and it must target skilled people into it.

Julia Gillard dumped the policy of Rudd government’s, which marked the lady’s first ever major announcement after she was being elected as the Prime Minister. She is in favor of having a population that the nation could sustain. Instead of targeting a bigger population of thirty-six million, which she absolutely opposes, the Prime Minister believes they should implement new policies for a manageable Australia.

Figures say that Australia’s current population is about twenty-two million. Earlier this year, taking the current trends of the migration of overseas people, as well as birth rates into account, analysts’ report stated that the nation is likely to reach a population of almost thirty-six million in 2050. Immigration has been so far the biggest contributor to Australia’s population growth, where Indians form one of the largest communities in the nation.

With this big announcement, Julia Gillard has also assured that they are not going to say goodbye to immigration, since the nation would not want its businesses to face skill shortages and suffer in long-run. This is the reason why the minister thinks a skill-oriented migration policy is more important than having a big population.

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