New York’s mayor and other Chief CEO’s joined hands for Immigration!

New York’s mayor along with other chief executives from various business companies has joined hands to form a coalition group in support of reformation in immigration in the United States. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and many other important people from top corporate companies like Disney, Hewlett-Packard and News Corporation have joined their hands in advocating reformation issues.

Bloomberg has always spoken against the US immigration bill publicly. In the year 2006, he put forwarded his plan of DNA testing which would help in checking and verifying the United States legal workers. He also proposed his suggestion that removing 12 million illegal immigrants from America is impossible and this would affect the economy of America to a large extent.

In one of his statement he said that US immigration policy would affect the country to a large extent. He further commented that every year America spends loads of money on foreign students to educate them and then we deny giving them permanent residency status. America wants to produce more jobs but does not allow capable entrepreneurs to reside in America. This way America can not expect to scale new heights for its economic development.

This new partnership is expected to bring security in the borders of America by developing a new and innovative method for employers to check work eligibility and use of better technology to check illegal immigration.

Chairman and CEO of News Corp. Rupert Murdoch himself is an immigrant and said that country must introduce new immigration laws that can meet with the growing demands of employment needs. And also can chalk out some mid way path through which an illegal resident can obtain legal status which would help in ending unlawful immigration. Immigration is the key behind America’s strengthening economic condition but its illegal form is also harmful for the country, so America must come up with such policies which can make the most optimum use of immigration.

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