New Zealand’s Entrepreneur Plus!

The recently launched Business Migration program by the New Zealand government has been found to be in much demand by foreign investors across the globe. The immigrant friendly business laws are the luring factor which also grants an immediate residency permit.

This new business investor program to New Zealand known as the Entrepreneur Plus immigration category would be implemented from November 30th of this year. This program would cater to the entrepreneurs who would want to migrate to New Zealand. Under this visa, an entrepreneur would have to generate a minimum of 3 new full time jobs. With this, he has to invest $500,000 for the business and he would be granted an immediate residency permit.

At present, an entrepreneur immigrant is provided with a business grant on a long term basis. However, he gets a residency permit only post the initial 2 years.

Although under the new scheme, it is not necessary that your application would be accepted without any hassles. With this, only a conditional residence is permitted once the application is filed.

As of now, around 12,000 people have shown their enthusiasm and interest. Of these, some are trying to pitch in to invest $1.5 million or even more. This would contribute to the growth of the New Zealand economy. Maximum cases are being received from India, United States, Ireland and the Philippines.

The current investment categories include those of education, training, tourism and property development where many foreigners come to New Zealand for the above purposes. The Entrepreneur Plus can be considered as an addition which might just give a boom to the economy of New Zealand. So, in a way this category is a good perk for the Association for Migration and Investment. Also, more job opportunities would be created for the locals along with investment in the local economy.

Above all, New Zealand is known to be one of the safest destinations on the planet. Hence, an investment under this program cannot be considered as being worthless. To know more, contact an Immigration and Visa expert to guide you further on the same.

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