NIA’s Launch Lead to Visa-waivers for the Taiwanese!

According to the National Immigration Agency (NIA), the success of traveling without a visa for the nationals of Taiwan to the European Nations and Canada is because bringing about such proposals has been mainly due to the nation’s efficient fight against illegal migration. In order to do so, the nation has developed certain anti-fraud technologies so as to breakdown the racket of fake visas.

According to Hsieh Li-kung, NIA Director-General, illegal migration is a problem being faced globally. This problem requires the governments the world over to cooperate. The NIA was brought about in January 2007 to cater to the government of Taiwan to bring about visa waivers via cooperation with the various counterparts internationally. This was to be done by attending conferences, organizing a visa fraud prevention group as well as fastening the control processes related to tourism.

The Agency has also worked with border guards and immigration entities in more 27 nations. This was done to catch the trail of the networks involved in international human smuggling as well as cracking down all the illegal cross-border activities. These activities included fake passports and visas and human smuggling.

For instance, the cooperation between the United States Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the NIA in the human trafficking organizations and their crackdown which was pushing about 20 women from Taiwan into prostitution in the United States. The incident took place in June 2007. Similarly in June 2009, a human smuggling case involving 40 citizens of mainland China were caught entering illegally in the United States.

To further enhance its operations, the NIA has now bought many technological systems to cater to the identification of the visitors at the airports and other international ports of entry. A database system of travel documents known as EDISON TD has been bought recently from the Government of Ireland so as to continue its operations against illegal migration.

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