NOCL’s Occupation “Speech-language pathologists and Audiologists” under the microscope

Treatment, evaluation and diagnosis of human communication disorders that comprise in language, voice, speech and hearing disorders are all taken care of by speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Extended care facilities, community centres, public health centres, rehabilitation centres, educational institutions and day clinics are the employers of these specialists. They also privately practice after immigration to Canada.

Example titles that are easily expected to get an approval under the NOCL occupation “Audiologists and speech-language pathologists” are: speech-language pathologist, research audiologist, certified audiologist, speech therapist, educational audiologist, clinical audiologist, speech-language pathologist, speech-language clinician and many others.

Given below are the primary duties that an audiologist willing to migrate to Canada must fulfill, in order to earn extra points granted to occupations listed under the NOCL:

Administering audiometric examinations and tests for the evaluation and diagnosis of the degree and the type of hearing impairment of the patient
Planning and implementation of rehabilitation/habilitation programs for the well being of patients. This would include selection, adjustment and fitting of hearing aids, providing counseling and teaching speech reading
Establishing personal care plans, working as an interdisciplinary team’s member
Conducting hearing-related research
Instructing students as well as other personnel of the health care industry

Duties that a speech-language pathologists are expected to fulfill are:

Administering examinations and tests and observing patients for evaluating and diagnosing voice, speech, swallowing, cognitive-linguistic, language and resonance disorders
Planning and implementing remedial programs so as to correct voice, language and speech disorders
Establishing personal care plans, working as an interdisciplinary team’s member
Conducting research on speech and various disorders of communication as well as design and development of diagnostic devices and procedures
May have to instruct healthcare personnel and students

Employment requirements for this occupation are:

A Master’s level qualification is required in audiology, for Canada immigration of an audiologist
A Master’s level qualification is required in speech-language pathology, if a speech-language pathologist wishes to immigrate to Canada
Speech-language pathologists and audiologists in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario
Membership in the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists and national association may also be required
Under a few jurisdictions, audiologists may have to get a license for allowing patients to dispense their hearing aids

With these points in mind, if you think yourself to be an eligible applicant under the occupation “Audiologists and speech-language pathologists” of NOCL, do not delay the submission of your Canada visa application for you never know if you will get this opportunity again or not? An experienced immigration specialist is your best guiding star in the process and stays by your side as a constant support until your final settlement in Canada. So, hurry and get going. Canada is waiting for you!

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