NOCL – The Occupation of “electricians” in a Nutshell

Knowing well about the requirements demarcated for the occupation of “electricians” under the NOCL is necessary, if you wish to immigrate to Canada as an electrician. However, this occupation doesn’t include power and industrial system. Professionals of this group are responsible to lay, install, assemble, troubleshoot, test and repair control devices, fixtures, electrical wiring and related pieces of equipment within buildings or other structures.

Electrical contractors or maintenance department of a building and other such establishments are the immediate employers of these professionals. Self-employment is another option available to these professionals. Titles that are qualified under this occupation are: apprentice electricians, rural and domestic electrician, construction electrician apprentice, electrician and many others.

Employment requirements for the occupation of electricians, except those in the industrial and power system are:

  • Secondary school completion
  • 4-5 years of apprenticeship program (duly completed)
  • Construction electricians must have trade certification in Ontario, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Yukon, Quebec, Alberta, Newfoundland and the Northwest territories but it is voluntary available in Manitoba
  • Rural and domestic electricians must have a trade certification to work in Ontario and Quebec, while this certification is voluntary available in Labrador and Newfoundland.
  • Qualified construction electricians are also provided with an Interprovincial trade certification or Red Seal.

Primary duties that electricians of this group are expected to perform are:

  • Interpreting and reading drawings, specifications of the electrical code and circuit diagrams to determine the layouts of wiring for existing or new installations
  • Pulling wires through holes in floors and walls and conduits
  • Installation of hangers and brackets for supporting electrical equipment
  • Installation, replacing and repairing of electrical control, lighting fixtures and distribution equipment, like circuit breaker panels, relays and switches
  • Splicing, joining and establishing connection between components, wires and fixtures, in order to make circuits
  • Testing circuits continuity with the use of test equipment and to check the safety and compatibility of system, followed by repair and installation
  • Troubleshooting and isolating faults in electronic and electrical systems and replacing and removing faulty components
  • Connecting electrical power with visual and audio communication equipment, cooling and heating systems and signaling devices
  • Keeping maintenance records and conducting preventive maintenance programs

There is no better time for you to immigrate than when you are eligible. It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of you, who may not become eligible any time later, after amendments in the terms and conditions have been made. So, in case you have been privileged with this opportunity today, do not let it slip from your hands. Grab it and apply under the guidance of an able immigration consultant for the NOCL occupation of “electricians.”

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