Not the Child’s Fault!

Immigration has been quite a debate in the United States with the immigration bill introduced in Arizona. But now, another debate has emerged in the form of immigrant babies. No wonder it is the time for elections and so, targets are formed from all sides.

Some of the lawmakers from the Republican side are suggesting changing a part of the 14th Amendment which permits natural citizenship to all those born in the United States. According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, many immigrant women cross the borders illegally just to deliver a child who would then be an American citizen. This has been termed as “Drop and Leave”.

In 2008, an estimated number of 340,000 babies were born in the United States. These babies were born to illegal migrants. This is as per the study conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center. It has been claimed that the more than eighty percent of the children born were born to mothers who have been residing in the nation for a minimum of a year.

Keeping the above aside, it can also be said that the Republican lawmakers are trying to bring out terms and conditions to procreate in the nation. But then, how would such a plan is implemented? This would simply mean deploying immigration agents at every corner of the nation or may be turning the nurses and the doctors into immigration officials. In other words, a category called undocumented babies would come into picture.

On the other hand, there was no such concept as illegal immigration in 188 when the 14th Amendment was sanctioned. This was because all the immigrants were permitted to reside in the nation. More so, no immigration laws or policies were created then. Walking into the nation was free and people used to come in boats or even cross the borders from Mexico or Canada.

So, simply removing the concept of birthright for these children is not the answer. Above all, it is not a child’s fault to have illegal migrants as parents.

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