Obama’s Support in Preventing the Arizona law!

The new immigration law of Arizona has created a stir in the lives of the Americans who have grown agitated with the current situation. According to this new law, it is a crime to stay in America illegally and a person could meet with severe punishment. This law allows the police officials to stop and check the citizenship status of any person. It also gives them the authority to arrest anyone they suspect of living illegally in America. The new law has been revised to prevent any racial discrimination and growing illegal immigration.

The new bill is a cause of worry for many foreigners and the immigrants as they will always fear of being caught, if found without their legal papers. The consequences are such that Hispanics have started flying to other countries so as not to be embarrassed by the police.  But now the Justice Department of Obama has decided to file a legal prosecution against the Arizona law, which aims at removal of illegal immigrants from America. It is very rare for federal government to interfere in the affairs of state government as it is not a politically very safe act to take.

President Obama publicly discouraged the enactment of the new proposed bill and under his guidance; the Justice Department will file a legal suit to prevent the enforcement of the new law. One of the spokesmen from the Justice Department revealed that the matter is still under process and so far only the decision making and legal filings have been worked out. They have filed at least five lawsuits in federal court and civil rights have requested to pass an injunction to them during the hearing of case.

By interfering in the Arizona law, Obama is making a politically risky move. Recent polls have revealed that majority of Americans support the Arizona law as they believe that this would reduce the illegal immigration in the country. The illegal immigrants use the country’s resources and employment services causing deficiency in jobs and other available resources for legal migrants and American citizens. But legal action against the law is surely to be expected owing to the strong support by Obama.

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