Obama Maintains “Absence of Sound” on Gutierrez’s Immigration Bill

Congressman Luis Gutierrez recently came out with a Landmark Immigration Reform Bill (http://blog.abhinav.com/new-immigration-bill-to-give-illegal-immigrants-legal-status/) which charts a new course towards protecting the workers and respecting their families. This bill would offer a path to legalization for illegal applicants migrating to the US. The illegal applicants would be required to pay a $500 fine, gain proficiency in the English language and then they would be able to apply for a six-year visa.

There has been no public show of support that has been shown from President Obama’s side till now. Gutierrez bill is decked with some of the proposals like the suspension of Operation Streamline; improving Detention conditions; avoiding unnecessary separations of families of immigrants; protection during enforcement activities; to name a few.

U.S is a potential country for people who have big dreams to make their future in a new country. The new amendments in the Immigration law would surely benefit those having illegal status, while those already having a valid Immigration status may find some relief in other aspects proposed in the Immigration Bill.

In addition, U.S is geared with all the necessary that are only hoped by applicants planning to migrate to an altogether new world – be it better education, job opportunities and so on. Just hire the services of an Immigration and Visa veteran and know more about the recent updates in the Immigration domain.

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