Obama Plans to Meet Arizona’s Governor!

According to reports, US President Barack Obama is all set to hold a meeting with Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer in order to discuss the probability of Immigration Reform in the coming times.

In addition, the Arizona Governor confirmed that she is eager to discuss the aspect of border security with the President of the United States. In her interview with CNN, she has made remarks as to how critical it is to have a chat with the president and discuss on the aspect of the need of Arizona immigration law. She said that she wanted to acquaint the President, the kind of effect undocumented workers are having on the citizens of Arizona and other states.

An anonymous officer from the administration department confirmed that the two would hold a meeting on upcoming Thursday. He confirmed that the president would be looking forward to discuss federal government’s onus to secure the Southwest border. The president is looking ahead to discuss these issues and come back at some mutual understanding with the governor of Arizona.

The reports came after huge criticism aroused on Brewer signing a controversial bill related to curbing down the number of undocumented immigrants. The law called for the police authorities to suspect anyone they think is living in the US on an undoubted manner, which in return faced criticism from people from all over the world. Latinos are the ones who are leading in the list of furious critics of this bill. The debate has been moved to political battlefield.

Now all eyes are awaited on the meeting between these powerful leaders.

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